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Chess is an elegant game and should be played with elegant equipment.  That is why I’ve developed a leather chess board that I think will go very nicely with your fine wooden or specialty chess sets.  These leather chess boards are designed for the truly discerning chess player and chess enthusiast. 


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Did you ever want to take your wooden chess set to a tournament or "away" game, but didn't want to lug your nice wooden chess board around?  I did.  So I purchased a leather chess board from a person advertising in a chess magazine.  When I received my board, however, I was very disappointed in the quality and playing surface.  So I decided to make my own.  Designing my leather chess boards to be playable, portable, and yet very elegant.

By playable, I mean you won’t be distracted by the board during your positional analyses or deepest tactical calculations.  These boards are not "laced" together square by square, they are one continuous piece of leather.  They provide an even flat playing surface.  These boards do not have distracting themes or designs carved into them.  They are designed to provide a clean, smooth playing surface over which your pieces can easily slide.  

By portable, I mean this board will roll up just as tightly as a vinyl board and fit into your travel or carry bag.

By elegant I mean this board will provide you with a playing surface that has the beauty and richness of a natural product that leather is, but has been designed to be subtle enough to remain as a backdrop to the game not the center of it.  All of the boards are imprinted with algebraic notation on all four sides of the board.  The font of the algebraic notation was chosen to be understated, as not to be distracting during play.  The font size was also chosen to be unobtrusive, yet remain very readable.

I’ve developed three different chess boards; two full size playing boards and one analysis board. Each full size playing board measures 21X21 inches in size, one with 2-1/4 inch squares, and the other with 2-3/8 inch squares.  The analysis board is 14X14 inches, with 1-1/2 inch squares.  All the boards are offered in four dark square colors: black, green, oxblood and brown.  The oxblood is a very deep, rich reddish brown. The brown is a medium to dark brown with a tinge of red in it.  Both are absolutely gorgeous colors and contrast well with ebony and boxwood sets.  The green is very close to the “standard” green you see on many vinyl boards, but with the richness and feel of fine leather.  The black is stunning in contrast with the light squares and would be brilliant with various “colored” sets such as red and white lacquered chess sets or other colors.  The light colored squares on all the boards are a beautiful, rich cream color.

Although I use the highest quality leather, it is a natural product and has a “grain” to it as well as marks from injuries the animal received during its life.  These are not defects, but the richness of a natural product much like grain or burls in a wood board.  You will find that the more you use your board the more the character of the grain will come out and the more supple the leather will become, i.e. it will wear in like a nice leather jacket. 

Any of these boards will be a beautiful backdrop for your fine wooden sets and will provide you with many hours of enjoyable play.


 Joel Aragón

Joel Aragón


I have just added a new item to my store to compliment my leather chess boards!   A beautiful chess set that was made especially  for the House of Aragon.  This set is made of gorgeous ebony and boxwood.  The design is a traditional Staunton and comes with a beautiful carrying case so you can easily take your leather board and nice set to a tournament or match without carrying a board bag and set box.  Please have a look at the set on the images page of this site.  I'm sure you'll agree with me that it is a fine quality set.   When I started making my boards it was so players could have a nice board to play on without having to carry around a large heavy board.  Now I've eliminated the piece box you've been lugging around, and you can truly have portable elegance. 


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