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Comparison of 2-1/4 and 2-3/8 squares.

Close up comparison of 2-1/4 and 2 -3/8 squares

  2-1/4 square board with 4 inch king (1-3/4 inch base)

2-3/8 square board with 4 inch king (1-3/4 inch base)

From left to right Brown 2-3/8, black 2-1/4, and a typical vinyl board.

     Crafted from genuine ebony and boxwood, these triple weighted, 4 inch king height sets have been developed exclusively for the House of Aragon.  The quality and workmanship on these sets is wonderful.  Each set comes with extra queens AND a specially designed tote bag.  With individual pockets for each chess piece, the dark green tote is designed to safely carry your set, leather board, and clock.  There are additional pockets and compartments to carry your score sheets, books, and any secret chess weapons you may need at your away match.





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